Planning and executing coursework

A few lessons learnt in the last week worth recording.  Having previously quickly read through all the exercises leading up to Assignment 1 I thought I had a grasp of the amount of work involved and time required – not so!  As such, I have found it beneficial to produce a mind map of all the exercises so that I have a clear view of what is ahead on a single sheet of paper.  This has enabled me to see where a single location can be used for more than one exercise and the equipment needed, as well as how the exercises build on one another.  Allied to this is the need to get that list of possible locations documented which will save time in matching location to exercise.  Also at this early stage it has become evident that I do not know as much as I thought about photography in general, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and using a blog as a learning log; even what a first seemed fairly simple tasks do not always go to plan, you would have thought that I would have learnt that by now! Finally, cut the procrastination and free up time for reflection!  I guess I have had that “wake up and smell the coffee” moment.


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