Assignment One Revisited (Again)

If at first you don’t succeed………My Transparent/Opaque pair did not pass muster, the contrast is again too obscure:

“In my view, the item demonstrated by each image or group of images should by the first thing which comes to the mind of your viewer when confronted by your work.   At final assessment, if the meaning of your images is too obscure the assessor may well misunderstand and a loss of marks could be the result.”


In view of the feedback it seemed sensible to stick with a family of subjects as this would seem to be the best way of making the contrast more obvious.  As such I have chosen a pair from the “Trash to Treasure” exhibition photographs which, I believe, demonstrate the contrast very well.  Again, the technical challenge of the “white environment” is evident and I wonder whether the composition makes for an interesting image; overall, though, I think the subject holds it together in both shots.

Clearly a second knock back was not good for morale but the point is well made regarding the challenge to gain all the marks you can where formal assessments are concerned – I’ve just pencilled in “KISS” below the assignment assessment criteria!  Keeping things simple often makes them more effective (not just applicable to government and BBC IT projects!).


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