In the Footsteps of Artists, walking on Cat Bells

Whilst in the Lake District recently I took the opportunity to participate in the National Trust’s “uncovered” events.  As part of the Derwent Water programme I attended the “In the Footsteps of Artists, walking on Cat Bells”, a ramble(!) up Cat Bells in the company of David Unsworth, a photographer based in Grasmere who specialises in the use of traditional large format cameras to make evocative landscape photographs of the Lake District.

Whilst we ascended Cat Bells David gave an insight to the lure of the area which has seen, and continues so to do, many notable artists eg Constable and Turner, tread the ground in order to capture and record the magic of the valleys and fells of this magnificent landscape.  As an artist turned photographer David was able to put this across in a most captivating and inspirational manner.  His passion for his work was very much reflected in the fact that he had brought one of his cameras and associated equipment (a not insignificant load) with him which gave us an insight into this fascinating area of photography and why he had chosen to go down this particular route.  It was a real experience to get up close and personal with the camera and under the cover be confronted by the upside down, reversed image; this brought home the real endeavours of the early pioneers of photography who worked with somewhat cruder versions of this equipment in all environments.  My thanks to David for a truly inspirational event both in terms of the art of photography and the conservation of our heritage.


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Unsworth, D. (2013) lake district large format. Available from: [Accessed 7 September 2013]


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