RPS International Print Exhibition 156 – Museum of Somerset

This exhibition of 115 framed prints covers a wide range of styles ranging from traditional to contemporary in both colour and black and white.  It is a very eclectic set of prints and I found it quite difficult to understand what some were trying to portray without reading the accompanying text and even then, in a number of cases, making the connection still eluded me.  With such a mix of subjects I found quite a few images that caused me to move on swiftly which just goes to prove how subjective such exhibitions can be.  From my experience of the study visit to ffotogallery to visit Michal Iwanowski’s ‘Clear of People’ and Paul Gaffney’s ‘We make the Path by Walking’ some of the images would be better presented in a body of work with a theme as, for me, they did not make for a stand alone photograph.

Notwithstanding my comments, this was a good experience as it exposed me to such a wide range of subjects in a single exhibition and the range of emotions that are generated; in my case from absolute delight to abhorrent.  It also makes one think about how the images are selected, what are the drivers for those who make the final choice when faced with such a diverse selection of prints.